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A Record of Service that Remains in Syuradikara's Memory

Author: Evalyn Meylan Lie

Class: XI

This year 2024, Syuradikara High School let go of four dedicated individuals who have wholeheartedly given their time and energy to serve. Age and further education are the reasons for their departure. But this is not the end; it is a new chapter of reflection on the journey that has been passed and opens up new opportunities.

This article is dedicated to the memory and appreciation of teachers who have given extraordinary service at Syuradikara Catholic Private High School Ende. They have played a crucial role in shaping the younger generation with priceless knowledge, values, and inspiration.

Frt. Jhon Fischer Arakian Sanga, SVD (26) is the full name of Frater Jhoken, who has mixed Timorese blood from his mother. For a year, he spent his Mission Orientation Year (TOM) at Syuradikara Senior High School in Ende. He said he felt grateful to be allowed to be a teacher and advisor of the boys' dormitory.

Frater Jhoken had a meaningful journey during his assignment in Syuradikara. As a teacher, he faced various challenges that created memorable moments while building a solid foundation for his career in education. His main task of teaching religion and cultural arts for grade 10 has opened new windows of knowledge and valuable experiences.

In every teaching session, Frater Jhoken realized that preparation was the key to success. He not only had to understand the material well but also had to prepare himself mentally and emotionally to deal with diverse situations in the classroom. Teaching is not only about transferring knowledge but also about building a good relationship with students.

"I don't want them to feel that I am very high or very far from them," said Frater Jhoken.

However, behind these memorable moments, Frater Jhoken also faced significant challenges. One of them was keeping the class conducive so that the learning process ran smoothly. He realized that each student had different needs and learning styles. Therefore, he tried more interactive approaches, such as discussions and presentations, to increase student engagement and understanding.

Apart from being a teacher, Frater Jhoken also held the role of a dormitory supervisor. Here, the challenge was positioning himself as a brother who could be trusted and used as a role model by the boarders. Although challenging, he tried to be patient and served them wholeheartedly.

After finishing Syuradikara, he will continue his studies in Ledelero. He expects the students to develop their potential so that they have the opportunity to become successful people in the future.

"I see that students in Syuradikara have a variety of talents, both in the classroom and outside the classroom. That should not be wasted and should be developed properly," he said.

As for the teachers, Frater Jhoken hopes that they should be patient when dealing with children because then it will be easier to shape children in terms of attitude and knowledge.

Father Michael Kunses Bani, SVD: A Warm and Humble Person

Fr. Miki, a male dormitory supervisor, has a story in Syuradikara. Initially from TTU, Fr. Michael Kunses Bani, SVD, is assigned to serve in Syuradikara from June 2023 to June 2024.

The things that impressed Fr. Miki during his time in Syuradikara were simple. He loved the friendly attitude of the students. Smiling, greeting, and saying hello were things that Fr. Miki did.

"When I come to the school, passed by the students and greet each other, it is a memorable moment for me," he said.

During his time at Syuradikara, apart from being a boy's dormitory supervisor, Fr. Miki was a teacher teaching Arnoldus Jansen spirituality and cultural arts for grade 10 and the coordinator of the school's Pastoral Team.

While he was pleased with the friendly attitude of the Syuradikara students, he faced challenges. He had to adapt and take responsibility for the trustworthiness of her first assignment. Teaching in front of a class was new to him. Fr. Miki believed that a teacher must establish good relationships with students so what is delivered can be received by students. In addition, as a coordinator of the School Pastoral Team who worked with the seniors, Fr. Miki must improve the team.

"Sometimes I propose a new breakthrough, but it is not accepted or sometimes it is immediately criticized," he said. However, Fr. Miki humbly accepted these criticisms and suggestions as part of the learning process.

Another challenge was the need for a standardized module for teaching Arnold Jansen's Spirituality, which forced him to create his own with the principal's approval. Thanked to his persistence and willingness to always ask questions and learn from those who were more experienced, Fr. Miki was able to put together a makeshift module that he used as teaching material for the students.

After completing his assignment at Syuradikara, Fr. Miki will pursue an English education at Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. He expects the students to develop knowledge, attitude, and creativity. He wants the students to have more than just knowledge; they should also have a good attitude. He also realizes how frequent plagiarism is nowadays, so he feels it is essential for students to develop critical thinking. Fr. Miki advised teachers to serve wholeheartedly because then blessings will always follow.

"We must serve the students totally. We must serve wholeheartedly," he added. Sincere service, according to Fr. Miki, will always bring blessings that follow from behind.

Fr. Francis Ndoi, SVD: Totality in Serving, Wholeheartedly Teaching

Unlike Frt. Jhoken and Fr. Miki, who only spent a year in Syuradikara, Fr. Francis Ndoi, SVD spent much longer. He served in two separate periods. The first was from 1983-1989, and the second was from 2002- June, 2024.

During this long period, Fr. Frans saw how Syuradikara has changed over the years. Fr. Frans highlighted the increase in students in Syuradikara, which used to be only 200-300 children but was over 1,000. This was a positive thing for him.

Besides the increased numbers, he noticed the difference between the past and present batches. From what he saw, the previous batch of students had a higher spirit of learning and literacy than now. This was the challenges he and other teachers faced. In addition, the ever-changing curriculum made teachers leave the classroom more often to deal with the formalities of adjusting to the new curriculum.

However, Fr. Frans wanted to prioritize meeting with students. He held the principle of nurturing other people's children, so he gave total teaching to his students.

"I am an SVD and this school is an SVD delegation, so whatever the challenge I have to make the best for this school," he said.

He hopes for the best after wholeheartedly providing the light of knowledge for the students. He will only feel satisfied when alumni come with stories of success. According to him, whether a school is impressive or not is determined by its success outside, on campus, or in the workplace.

Now that he has successfully produced countless outstanding batches, he wants to spend his retirement resting and doing only light work. He also delivers a message for the students and teachers.

"For students, believe in teachers, believe in parents and believe in God. And for the teachers, don't be a single fighter, foster teamwork and prioritize students in all decisions," he pleaded.

Mr. Adrianus Tonda: Focused Work Maintains Consistency for True Devotion

Joining in 2004 and starting his career as an ordinary teacher was the beginning of Mr. Adrianus Tonda's (61) story in Syuradikara. Because of his dedication, he was appointed Vice Principal for Curriculum a year after coming to Syuradikara.

During his tenure, he was faced with unrelenting demands. The biggest challenge was when an ongoing curriculum had yet to achieve maximum results, but a new curriculum had replaced it. This condition required extra work, not only from himself and other curriculum staff but also from all teaching staff and students.

But he saw this challenge as a memorable moment. When dealing with the new curriculum, Mr. Adri had to liaise with the Directorate and Provincial Office to determine exactly how the curriculum was implemented.

"The curriculum is the school kitchen. Like a kitchen at home, if you don't prepare the menu well, then everyone who eats it will feel a bad impression," said Mr. Adri.

With this illustration, Mr. Adri hinted at the importance of relationships and communication between the curriculum and all stakeholders in the school so that the management process could run effectively. He strived to work by the guidelines and based on collective agreements, not just personal desires or decisions.

Working consistently over the years was not easy, but with strong motivation, this Ende-Lio man was able to hold on to the foundation he believed in, in carrying out his work. Focus and targeting were his main guidelines.

"One day is not enough time to complete all the work. If there is a program that must be completed that day, then it must be completed that day," he said.

Mr. Adri believed that delaying work would only add to the burden the next day. Therefore, he worked with clear targets and made every task a priority that must be completed on time.

He had faced challenges with hard work over the years by maintaining his focus and targets at work. Now, he is retired, and he wants to take a break. He has chosen a small business as the activity he wants to do after his retirement.

Nevertheless, he wants the good things that have been built together to be maintained and even better than that.

"For the future, hopefully Syuradikara can be even better than it is now. It is the duty of teachers and students to maintain and develop the good things in this school”.

With this article, we want to remember their journey, recognize their achievements, and wish them happiness and success in their new chapter of life. Let's celebrate their achievements and contributions and be inspired by the dedication and passion they carry with them. May their stories motivate the next generation of educators and students in Syuradikara.

Editor: Fr. Aris Mada, SVD

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