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CAKAP and Syuradikara: A Collaboration to Improve Student's English Skill

Students who took a part in CAKAP Class. This was the first meeting.

English is the most widely used international language in various parts of the world. It is not only a means to communicate globally; It is also a means in the world of education.

Our English language skills can open up new opportunities for us in various ways. Even in this era, learning and having English language skills is a must for students in Indonesia. Students will face developments in the era where English will have a very important role in the world of education and the world of work in the future.

Syuradikara High School prepares programs to improve student's English language skills, one of which is collaborating with the Cakap institution to enhance the quality of education for students in English. Cakap is a startup technology education application developer from Indonesia that focuses on online two-way education. It provides an interactive online learning platform with a new approach to foreign language learning, connecting students and tutors through text and video calls.

Syuradikara High School attracts students with more English skills and selects them to enter the Cakap class. Cakap is very useful and helps students develop English language skills. It also helps to improve the quality of education because its learning method is not boring and really encourages students to improve their speaking, reading, and listening skills.

Written by:

Maureena Kesuma Wardhani

Maria Cinta Mira Ginta

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